I am Domina Yuki- a sensual sadist, incorrigible deviant, consummate tease and natural dominant. Three plus years of exploring BDSM professionally has imbued my presence with grace and confidence. I am made up of a series of contradictions, so it’s no surprise that my style of play flows seamlessly between sweet, flirty and nurturing to stern, sadistic and relentless.

Responsive submissives delight me- novices and experienced players alike. I feed off of your energy, which in turn stimulates my creativity and passion. I particularly enjoy developing long term relationships, which allows me to build on each session, taking us both deeper and deeper on a voyage of mutual self exploration and cathartic release.

Share with me your darkest lusts, fears and frailties. I will take you on a journey where you will experience your greatest pleasure and most satisfying pain.


I delight in…

Sensual Domination / Tease & Denial
Domestic Discipline / Corporal Punishment
Impact Play: Flogging / Paddling / Caning / Whipping
OTK Spankings
All Forms of Bondage, including Immobilization / Mummification / Predicament
Creative CBT / Ballbusting
Nipple Torture
Foot / Shoe / Boot Worship
Electrical Play: ErosTek / Violet Wand
Play Piercing
Humiliation through: Forced Consumption / Face Slapping / Spitting / Verbal Abuse / Physical Degredation / Bondage / G/S / Face Sitting Cross Dressing / Forced Feminization
Medical Play / Sounds / Catheters
Sensory Explorations: Deprivation / Overload
Smoking Fetishes (you will need to bring me a pack of Djarum Black mini cigars)
Ice / Hot Wax Play
Wrestling: Playful / Competitive (only available as part of a multiple Mistress session)
Servitude: Domestic / Financial
Fetishes: Latex / Leather / Foot / Leg
Double & Triple Mistress Sessions
Public, Outcall and Overnight Sessions (only available to those who have served me before)

** I love exploring new kinks and fetishes. If what you have in mind is not on this list, feel free to inquire.

I adore role-play and am especially excited by taboo and perverse role-plays as well as putting a kinky twist on mundane every day situations. A few that I enjoy:

* Teacher/Student
* Boss/Secretary
* Cuckold
* Doctor/Patient
* Kidnapping/Interrogation
* Daddy/Daughter